International Conference of Mathematical Physics
Kezenoi-am 2016
October 31 to November 2
Чеченский государственный
    Российская Федерация


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Programme Committee         

       The conference will cover a wide range of topics, such as Integrable Systems,
       Geometry and other areas related to Mathematical Physics. The first day of the
       conference will take place in the city of Grozny, and the rest of the conference will
       be held at the lake "Kezenoi-Am" on the Caucasus mountains. The lake Kezenoi-am
       is the deepest lake of Caucasus (of maximum depth 74m), it is situated mainly in
       the area of Chechnya and partly in the area of Dagestan, and it is a quite popular
       destination of the North Caucasus for vacation.
       See on youtube here, or here.

       The conference language is English.

       Arrival day: 30 October, departure day: 3 November

         Download the Conference Poster: here
Buchstaber V., Steklov Inst., Moscow, Russia
Mikhailov A., University of Leeds, UK
Mironov A., Sobolev Inst., Novosibirsk, Russia
Sokolov V., Landau Inst., Moscow, Russia
Shamaev E., Ammosov Fed. Un., Yakutsk, Russia
Local Committee
Grinev  D., In. Math. Phys. & Seism., Grozny, Russia
Gishlarkaev V., Chechen St. Un., Grozny, Russia
Dzhabrailov A., Chechen St. Un., Grozny, Russia
Kindarov Z., Chechen St. Un., Grozny, Russia
Kutuev R., Chechen St. Un., Grozny, Russia
Konstantinou-Rizos S., In. Math. Phys. & Seism., Grozny, Russia
Saidov Z, Chechen St. Un., Grozny, Russia (Chairman)
Tovsultanov A., Chechen St. Un., Grozny, Russia
Plenary Speakers
Taras Panov, Moscow State University, Russia
Dmitry Millionchikov, Moscow State University, Russia
Victor Novokshenov, RAS centre of Ufa, Russia
Dmitry Gourevitch, Un. De Valenciennes, France
Victor Enolski, Nat. Un. "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Ukraine
Andrei Shafarevich, Moscow State University, Russia
Andrei Tsiganov, Inst. of Physics, St. Petersburg Un., Russia
Andrei Fursikov, Moscow State University, Russia
Vladimir Rubtsov, Un. of Angers, France
Georgii Sharygin, Moscow State University, Russia
Leonid Bogdanov, Landau Inst., Moscow, Russia
Paolo Maria Santini, University of Rome, Italy
Oleg Mokhov, Landau Inst., Moscow, Russia
Stefan Wabnitz, Dep. of Information Engineering, University of Brescia, Italy